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Grant L. Martin, Ph.D.

Thank you for visiting my Web site. I hope the information included here will help you decide whether I might be an appropriate psychologist for you to consult.

I am a licensed psychologist and marriage and family therapist and have been in independent practice in the Seattle area for almost 38 years and have a total of over 43 years of professional experience.

My primary emphasis is in the special needs of children, including the identification and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder, learning problems, and related issues. I have an extensive background in working with behavior problems, parent-child relationships, and family violence issues, including child sexual abuse.

A listing of services I can provide is included for your consideration.

I hope this Web site offers a helpful overview of my services. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Description of the Therapeutic relationship

When people enter into a relationship, it is advisable for them to reach an agreement about their mutual commitments and responsibilities. This information is provided to assist in you clarifying this relationship.

Parties to the Professional Relationship: The professionals at Heritage Counseling share only the physical facilities. Each of our practices is separate and independent of the other. The name Heritage Counseling Associates is for identification purposes only. The legal entity for the daily operation of the office is MHM Associates, LLC. Therefore, this description is only in regards to Dr. Grant L. Martin, a licensed psychologist practicing independently.

Therapeutic Orientation

Treatment is specifically designed and adapted to the needs of each client and the typical duration of treatment is highly variable. I believe problems can be identified, and solutions defined, in a straightforward and understandable manner. Dialog between the client and therapist is crucial.

For adult issues, a cognitive-behavioral theoretical approach is used to help individuals identify, evaluate and change thoughts, assumptions, beliefs and expectations which influence their feelings and behavior. Ideas from family systems theory are used to help members identify their feelings, as well as understand and change their thoughts and actions within a family setting.

Christian Perspective.

My personal Christian beliefs and values influence my perspective. I do not impose my values on anyone, but since I am an evangelical Christian and have a close personal relationship with God, I am available to provide spiritual guidance for those who ask for it. With my Christian clients I make every attempt to include biblical ethics into the counseling process. However, if you are not a believer or you are of another faith, I will honor and respect your personal beliefs.

The therapeutic process should be characterized by openness and a collaborative attitude on both of our parts. Please feel free to share any concerns and ask questions about any aspect of the counseling process. This may include the treatment approach used, your treatment goals and progress toward those goals, and the termination process.

Typically, the therapeutic relationship ends as your goals are attained and we wind down slowly. For children this process ends when the reasons for their coming are stabilized, the symptoms are within acceptable limits, and the child is functioning satisfactorily at home and in school. Even after we have ended, “check-in” or “booster” sessions are available to focus on old concerns or new ones, should they arise. I am available as an ongoing resource for you to use as is needed.

Ethics and Standards: I follow the code of ethics of the American Psychological Association, the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, and the American Association of Christian Counselors, as well as the ethical and professional standards of the Washington State Psychology Licensing Law (RCW 18.83, 18.130, WAC 246-924).

Confidentiality Statement

Click on the following link for my description of confidentiality issues.

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